Second Printing

You all have bought so many copies of How to Be a Sinner that its first print run sold out in less than a year! The book is now back in the stores with a second printing, and we took the opportunity to correct several typos and other embarrassing faults. So, I guess that means fewer sins?

First Print Run Sold Out!

The good news is, the first print run of How to Be a Sinner has sold out…

The less-than-good news is that the book will be unavailable for a couple of weeks.

But back to good news: we’ve used this second-printing opportunity to correct several embarrassing typos!

Talks / Retreats during Lent

This book’s themes aren’t only for Lent!

But parishes do like to offer talks during that season.

Below are bookings for Lent 2019 so far. Contact us for a booking!