Now booking Lenten retreats and webinars for 2022

We’re now booking workshops for your parish. Presentations by the author are accompanied by discussion and q&a, for a deeper immersion into the healing themes of this book. These workshops are a perfect accompaniment to Great Lent. If you / your parish have been reading the book, that’s a plus, but these events work great either way.

Go to the contact page and tell us your needs, and your ideal dates.

Here’s what some folks are saying:

“After we read How to Be a Sinner together as a parish, Dr Bouteneff’s workshop stimulated even more reflection and conversation on repentance and forgiveness. Many of our parishioners pointed out how Dr. Bouteneff’s unpretentious and honest approach to sin opened their eyes to a more sincere relationship with Jesus Christ.”

New Webinar May 2, 2020

I delivered my first “Sinner” webinar on April 4, 2020 and heard great things from my audience! Since then I also solicited ideas on the next webinar, and the most votes came in for: Other people’s sins.

A priest friend of mine said that when he hears confessions it’s very common for people to “confess” other people’s sins, either as reasons for their own, or because when “sin” is the subject of the conversation, it’s other people who come to mind first!

Join me for our next webinar on May 2, 2020 at 11AM Eastern Time. There’s a charge of $14. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

To register, click on the image above. Or here.

Second Printing

You all have bought so many copies of How to Be a Sinner that its first print run sold out in less than a year! The book is now back in the stores with a second printing, and we took the opportunity to correct several typos and other embarrassing faults. So, I guess that means fewer sins?